UNboxing / אנְבּוקְסִינְג 

Packaging increasingly holds a leading role in today’s consumer society.

In this project, I aim to blur the hierarchical relationship and boundaries between packaging and product by creating one holistic accessory.

The combination of the product and its packaging into one object emphasizes the value of sustainability and the value of a nomadic lifestyle by turning the eyeglasses into their own carrier.

The project focuses on ‘Zero Waste’ principle by using 3D printing technology and by optimized the source files for minimal use of material and shortest print time. The project is inspired by Japanese calligraphy, which ‘packs’ one whole message by minimal use of graphic lines.

Techniques: FDM PRUSA 3D printing, MJF HP 3D printer, and metal 3D printer

Mentors Shelly Satat-Kombor & Yaron Ronen

Theoretical Advising Dr. Tal Frenkel Alroy

Graduate collection BA Fashion "Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design"

עריכה 1.jpg
עריכה 4.jpg
עריכה 2.jpg
עריכה 5.jpg
עריכה 1.jpg
עריכה 3.jpg
עריכה 3.jpg
עריכה 5.jpg
סקיצה מתוקנת 2.jpg
עריכה 3.jpg
סקיצה מתוקנת 1.jpg
עריכה .jpg
 יפן סקיצה משקפיים_edited_edited.jpg
עריכה 9.jpg